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Our Story

Our mission is to provide a high quality, loving, early learning education through our play-based Montessori program – designed to nurture and allow every child an opportunity to thrive and achieve their full potential – regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, familial background, or socio-economic status.

        We strive to have a close connection with the natural environment and a creative curriculum for children to explore and thrive while focusing on holistic learning in all spheres of child development.  An safe and healthy environment for our children is essential, and we are certified by the Children's Environmental Health Network as an eco-healthy childcare program.

        Through recognizing and acknowledging existing inequities in early childhood education – we work closely with families and create individualized plans to best suit each unique child and insure their success in preschool and transition to kindergarten.

Diverse Kindergarten

Pioneer Pre-school

We Play

We Learn

We Thrive

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