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Teacher Aide Elina

When I came to Portland in 2022, I decided to follow a new career path. After giving it some thought, I realized that early childhood education would be a perfect choice for me. Why? First of all, simply because I love children. I enjoy being around them and working with them. Secondly, as a teacher, giving and sharing knowledge has always been an ultimate goal and a great pleasure for me throughout my life. There is nothing as exciting as seeing a person grow and develop, regardless of their age. And there is nothing as rewarding as being able to help in this process.

I am very happy to have found a place where I am surrounded by wonderful teachers who create a friendly and welcoming environment. Here, children can learn fundamental skills and feel free to express themselves. They are treated with tremendous respect, love, and patience, being encouraged to find their own strengths, interests, and individual abilities. Here, at Pioneer Preschool, I learn a lot from my colleagues every day.

Languages Spoken:

I write poetry in Russian which was published in translated into different languages including English and German.

BA in Journalism; MA in Gender Studies

• 10 years as a teacher and faculty member in European Humanities University (Vilnius, Lithuania)
• 1.5 years as a preschool teacher; extensive training in various early childhood education classes

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