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Teacher Aide Jocelyn

(Image coming soon)

Hello, my name is Jocelyn. I am the second oldest in a family of 14 children. I am overwhelmed with joy to see how uniquely different each child here is. I am grateful to witness their growth and how they handle challenges almost entirely on their own, with only a little encouragement from us. It is important to me that the children feel safe, welcomed, and included in everything. At this stage in their lives, they begin to discover more about themselves and learn to live independently, little by little. My aim is to build a warm and endearing relationship with every child, giving them someone to lean on who supports and encourages them!

Education: I received my high school diploma from Aloha High School in 2021.

Experience: This is my first job experience with kids. However, I've worked with children throughout my adolescent life, serving as a babysitter and working in home childcare.

Languages: I am bilingual in both Spanish and English. I speak a little bit of French and am currently learning Italian and Japanese!

Hobbies: I am very fond of attending Mass and other church events fervently. I often go on pilgrimages to other states or countries and love experiencing the unpredictability of life! I enjoy playing and creating music with my favorite instruments: the guitar, the piano, and the flute. I find comfort in reading, going on walks, and writing my own autobiography.

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